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Program for 2021 -2022


Each school will send to the other partners four challenges

  • A song with lyrics

  • Video with a local dance

  • A Recipe (cooking)

  • 10 words with their pronunciation  and their spelling with Latin characters.

1stMeeting: Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece 3/10/2021  – 8/10/2021

  • Till the end of October 2021 the Greek team is going to send to the other partners the four challenges.

Before Christmas (about 15th of December) each school is going to present the Greek Challenges via zoom meeting.

  • Till 15th of January 2022, Turkey is going to send the four challenges.

2nd Meeting: Adana, Turkey 6/3/2022 – 12/3/2022.

Partners will present the Turkish challenges.

  • Till the end of March  2022 Slovakia will send four challenges.

3rd Meeting: Slovakia, Skalite 22/5/2022 – 28/5/2022 each school is going to present the Slovakian challenges.

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