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Program for 2022 -2023

Each school will send to the other partners four challenges

  • A song with lyrics

  • Video with a local dance

  • A Recipe (cooking)

  • 10 words with their pronunciation  and their spelling with Latin characters.

Till 15th of September 2022, Bulgaria is going to send the four challenges.

4th Meeting:  Sofia, Bulgaria  10/10/2022  – 14/10/2022

Till end of January 2023, Portugal is going to send the four challenges.

5th Meeting: Ponte de Lima  Portugal  27/3/2023 - 31/3/2023

Partners will present the Portuguese challenges.

Till the end of March  2023 Lithuania will send four challenges.

Final Meeting: Taurage Lithuania, 22/5/2023 – 26/5/2022

Each school is going to present the Lithuanian challenges.

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